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Shang-Wen Cheng and David Garlan. Stitch: A Language for Architecture-Based Self-Adaptation. In Danny Weyns, Jesper Andersson, Sam Malek and Bradley Schmerl editors, Journal of Systems and Software, Special Issue on State of the Art in Self-Adaptive Systems, Vol. 85(12), December 2012. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jss.2012.02.060 .
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Jeffrey M. Barnes. NASA's Advanced Multimission Operations System: A Case Study in Software Architecture Evolution. In Proceedings of the International ACM SIGSOFT Conference on the Quality of Software Architectures 2012, Bertinoro, Italy, 25-28 June 2012.
David Garlan, Vishal Dwivedi, Ivan Ruchkin and Bradley Schmerl. Foundations and Tools for End-User Architecting. In David Garlan and Radu Calinescu editors, Large-Scale Complex IT Systems. Development, Operation and Management, 17th Monterey Workshop 2012, Oxford, UK, March 19-21, 2012, Vol. 7539:157-182 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2012. Book Reference: http://www.springer.com/computer/swe/book/978-3-64234058-1.
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Danny Weyns, Bradley Schmerl, Vincenzo Grassi, Sam Malek, Raffaela Mirandola, Christian Prehofer, Jochen Wuttke, Jesper Andersson, Holger Giese and Karl Goeschka. On Patterns for Decentralized Control in Self-Adaptive Systems. In Rogério de Lemos, Holger Giese, Hausi Muller and Mary Shaw editors, Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems II, Vol. 7475 of LNCS , Springer, 2012.
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