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Alan Kaplan, John Ridgeway, Bradley Schmerl, Krishnan Sridar and Jack Wileden. Toward Pure Polylingual Persistence. In Ninth International Workshop on Persistent Object Systems: Design, Implementation and Use (POS9), Lillehammer, Norway, September 2000.
David Garlan. Software Architecture: a Roadmap. In A. Finkelstein editor, Proceedings of the Conference on The Future of Software Engineering, Pages 91--101, ACM Press, Limerick, Ireland, 2000.
David Garlan and Serge Khersonsky. Model Checking Implicit-Invocation Systems. In Proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Software Specification and Design (IWSSD-10), San Diego, CA, November 2000.
David Garlan. Pervasive Computing and the Future of CSCW Systems. In CSCW2000 Workshop on Software Architectures for Cooperative Systems, November 2000. (Position Paper).
David Garlan. Software Architecture and Object-Oriented Systems. In Proceedings of the IPSJ Object-Oriented Symposium 2000, August 2000.
David Garlan and Andrew Kompanek. Reconciling the Needs of Architectural Description with Object-Modeling Notations. In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on the Unified Modeling Language - << UML >> 2000, York, UK, October 2000.
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David Garlan, Robert T. Monroe and David Wile. Acme: Architectural Description of Component-Based Systems. In Gary T. Leavens and Murali Sitaraman editors, Foundations of Component-Based Systems, Pages 47-68, Cambridge University Press, 2000.
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Zhenyu Wang and David Garlan. Task-Driven Computing. Technical report, CMU-CS-00-154, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, May 2000.
Felix Bachmann, Len Bass, Jeromy Carriere, Paul Clements, David Garlan, James Ivers, Robert Nord and Reed Little. Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting Architectural Layers. Technical report, CMU/SEI-2000-SR-004, Software Engineering Institute, 2000.
David Garlan and João Sousa. Documenting Software Architectures: Recommendations for Industrial Practice. Technical report, CMU-CS-00-169, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, October 2000.
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David Garlan, Andrew Kompanek, John Kenney, David Luckham, Bradley Schmerl and David Wile. An Activity Language for the ADL Toolkit. August 2000. Working draft.
Jianing Hu. Adding Maps to Acme. August 2000. Working Draft.
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