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Robert T. Monroe, Andrew Kompanek, Ralph Melton and David Garlan. Architectural Styles, Design Patterns, and Objects. In IEEE Software, Vol. 14(1):43-52, January 1997.
Robert Allen and David Garlan. A Formal Basis for Architectural Connection. In ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, Vol. 6(3):213-249, July 1997.
David Garlan, James Tomayko and David Gluch. Agents of Change: Educating Future Leaders in Software Engineering. In IEEE Computer, November 1997.
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Bradley Schmerl and Chris Marlin. Versioning and Consistency for Dynamically Composed Configurations. In The 7th International Workshop on Software Configuration Management, Vol. 1235:49-65 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin, Boston, MA, May 1997.
Dan Glastonbury, Chris Marlin, Michael Read and Bradley Schmerl. Run-time views as a debugging aid in an integrated software development environment. In 1997 Software Visualisation Workshop, Pages 51-59, Flinders University, South Australia, Adelaide, South Australia, December 1997.
Ralph Melton and David Garlan. Architectural Unification. In Proceedings of CASCON'97, Ontario, Canada, November 1997.
Robert Allen and David Garlan. Formal Modeling and Analysis of the HLA RTI. In Summary Report of the 1997 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Pages 1153-1161, Institute for Simulation and Training, Orlando, Florida, March 1997. IST-CF-97-01.2.
David Garlan, Robert T. Monroe and David Wile. Acme: An Architecture Description Interchange Language. In Proceedings of CASCON'97, Pages 169-183, Toronto, Ontario, November 1997. One of the 14 high-impact papers from the first decade of CASCON, 2010.
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Bradley Schmerl. Designing Configuration Management Tools for Dynamically Composed Systems. PhD thesis, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, October 1997.
Robert Allen. A Formal Approach to Software Architecture. PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon, School of Computer Science, January 1997. Issued as CMU Technical Report CMU-CS-97-144.
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Juergen Dingel, David Garlan, Somesh Jha and David Notkin. Toward a formal treatment of implicit invocation. Technical report, CMU-CS-97-153, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, July 1997.
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