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Understanding Tradeoffs among Different Architectural Modelling Approaches

Roshanak Roshandel, Bradley Schmerl, Nenad Medvidovic and David Garlan.

In Proceedings of the 4th Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architectures (WICSA4), Oslo, Norway, 11-14 June 2004.

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Over the past decade a number of architecture description languages (ADLs) have been proposed to facilitate modeling and analysis of software architecture. While each claims to have various benefits, to date there have been few studies to assess the relative merits of these approaches. In this paper we describe our experience using two ADLs to model a system initially described in UML, and compare their effectiveness in identifying system design flaws. We also describe the techniques we used for extracting architectural models from a UML system description.

Keywords: Software Architecture.  
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