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Handling Uncertainty in Autonomic Systems

Shang-Wen Cheng and David Garlan.

In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Living with Uncertainties (IWLU'07), co-located with the 22nd International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'07), Atlanta, GA, USA, 5 November 2007. <a href=http://godzilla.cs.toronto.edu/IWLU/program.html>http://godzilla.cs.toronto.edu/IWLU/program.html</a>;.

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Autonomic, or self-adaptive, systems are increasingly important. One of the most prevalent techniques is to adopt a control systems view of the solution: adding a runtime, separate control unit that monitors and adapts the system under consideration. A problem with this paradigm for system engineering is that the control and the system are loosely coupled, introducing a variety of sources of uncertainty. In this paper we describe three specific sources of uncertainty, and briefly explain how we address those in the Rainbow Project.

Keywords: Autonomic Systems, Rainbow, Self-adaptation, Self-Repair, Stitch, uncertainty.  
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