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      AUTHOR = {Cheng, Shang-Wen and Garlan, David and Schmerl, Bradley and Sousa, Jo\~{a}o and Spitznagel, Bridget and Steenkiste, Peter},
      TITLE = {Using Architectural Style as a Basis for Self-repair},
      YEAR = {2002},
      MONTH = {25-31 August},
      BOOKTITLE = {Software Architecture: System Design, Development, and Maintenance (Proceedings of the 3rd Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture)},
      PAGES = {45-59},
      EDITOR = {Bosch, Jan and Gentleman, Morven and Hofmeister, Christine and Kuusela, Juha},
      PUBLISHER = {Kluwer Academic Publishers},
      PDF = {http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project/able/ftp/wicsa3-arch/WICSA-web.pdf},
      PS = {http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project/able/ftp//wicsa3-arch/WICSA-web.ps},
      ABSTRACT = {An increasingly important requirement for software systems is the capability to adapt at run time in order to accommodate varying resources, system errors, and changing requirements. For such self-repairing systems, one of the hard problems is determining when a change is needed, and knowing what kind of adaptation is required. Recently several researchers have explored the possibility of using architectural models as a basis for run time monitoring, error detection, and repair. Each of these efforts, however, has demonstrated the feasibility of using architectural models in the context of a specific style. In this paper we show how to generalize these solutions by making architectural style a parameter in the monitoring/repair framework and its supporting infrastructure. The value of this generalization is that it allows one to tailor monitoring/ repair mechanisms to match both the properties of interest (such as performance or security), and the available operators for run time adaptation.},
      KEYWORDS = {Architectural Analysis, Autonomic Systems, Self-Repair, Software Architecture}

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