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      AUTHOR = {Roshandel, Roshanak and Schmerl, Bradley and Medvidovic, Nenad and Garlan, David and Zhang, Dehua},
      TITLE = {Using Multiple Views to Model and Analyze Software Architecture: An Experience Report},
      YEAR = {2003},
      NUMBER = {USC-CSE-2003-508},
      INSTITUTION = {University of Southern California, Center for Software Engineering},
      PDF = {http://sunset.usc.edu/publications/TECHRPTS/2003/usccse2003-508/usccse2003-508.pdf},
      ABSTRACT = {Architectural modeling and analysis is a critical phase in developing large and complex software systems. The usefulness of multiple views has likewise long been recognized. In this experience report, we explain how we used two ADLs to model a system initially described in UML. The system (SCRover) itheir Mission Data System technology. We describe (a) the processes that we used to extract architectural models from the UML description, (b) the way in which each ADL was used to model the system, (c) a classification of the architectural defects we uncovered, and (d) a comparison of the relative benefits of the two ADLs in terms of the different classes of defects they uncovered.},
      KEYWORDS = {Software Architecture}
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