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      AUTHOR = {Pandey, Ashutosh and Schmerl, Bradley and Garlan, David},
      TITLE = {Instance-based Learning for Hybrid Planning},
      YEAR = {2017},
      MONTH = {18-22 September},
      BOOKTITLE = {Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Data-driven Self-regulating Systems (DSS 2017)},
      ADDRESS = {Tucson, AZ, USA},
      PDF = {http://acme.able.cs.cmu.edu/pubs/uploads/pdf/IBL-DSS2017.pdf},
      ABSTRACT = {Due to the fundamental trade-off between quality and timeliness of planning, designers of self-adaptive systems often have to compromise between an approach that is quick to find an adaptation plan and an approach that is slow but finds a quality adaptation plan. To deal with this trade-off, in our previous work, we proposed a hybrid planning approach that combines a deliberative and a reactive planning approach to find a balance between quality and timeliness of planning. However, when reactive and deliberative planning is combined to instantiate a hybrid planner, the key challenge is to decide which approach(es) should be invoked to solve a planning problem. To this end, this paper proposes to use a data-driven instance-based learning to find an appropriate combination of the two planning approaches when solving a planning problem. As an initial proof of concept, the paper presents results of a small experiment that demonstrates the potential of the proposed approach to identify a combination of the two planning approaches to solve a planning problem.},
      KEYWORDS = {Planning, Self-adaptation}
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