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      AUTHOR = {Garlan, David and Schmerl, Bradley and Dwivedi, Vishal and Banerjee, Aparup and Glendenning, Laura and Nakayama, Mai and Patel, Nina},
      TITLE = {SWiFT: A Tool for Constructing Workflows for Dynamic Network Analysis},
      YEAR = {2011},
      PDF = {http://acme.able.cs.cmu.edu/pubs/uploads/pdf/Paper.pdf},
      ABSTRACT = {AbstractóDynamic Network Analysis is a domain of computation that refers to the analysis of complex social systems that change over time. Within this domain, analysts need to be able to carry out workflows, involving composition of various tools and procedures that they use to extract and analyze social systems. Typically these workflows require the incorporation of heterogeneous tools in distributed locations, are interactive in that they allow dynamic parameterization and exploration, and can be shared with and reused by other analysts in different contexts. Furthermore, because such analysts are not computer programmers, they require an approach for constructing workflows that allows them to focus on their analysis task, and that provides them with appropriate guidance in constructing and reusing workflows. In this paper, we describe a tool, called SWiFT, that provides a workflow construction environment for dynamic network analysis, built on a service oriented architecture, that provides these features.},
      NOTE = {http://acme.able.cs.cmu.edu/pubs/show.php?id=333},
      KEYWORDS = {Service Composition, SORASCS}
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