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Valuation of Architecture-based Deterministic Plan for Software Evolution

Sungwon Kang and David Garlan.

In The KIPS Transactions: Part D, Vol. 16-D(5):755-566, October 2009.

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Software architecture allows us to make many decisions about a software system and analyze it even before it exists in order to make systematic and planned development possible. Similarly, architecture-based software evolution planning makes planned evolution possible by allowing us to make many decisions about evolution of a software system and analyze its evolution at the level of architecture design before software evolution is realized. In this paper, we develop a framework for architecture-based software evolution planning for the class of deterministic evolution plans by defining and relating various essential concepts and developing its valuation mechanism so that a plan with the greatest value among candidate plans can be selected as the optimal plan. A case study is conducted for explicating the framework and exemplifying its usage.
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