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Exploiting Style in Architectural Design Environments

David Garlan, Robert Allen and John Ockerbloom.

In Proceedings of SIGSOFT'94: The Second ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering, ACM Press, December 1994.

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As the design of software architectures emerges as a discipline within software engineering, it will become increasingly important to support architectural description and analysis with tools and environments. In this paper we describe a system for developing architectural design environments that exploit architectural styles to guide software architects in producing specific systems. The primary contributions of this research are:
  • A generic object model for representing architectural designs;
  • The characterization of architectural styles as speculations of this object model;
  • A toolkit for creating an open architectural design environment from a description of a specific architectural style.
We use our experience in implementing these concepts to illustrate how style-oriened architectural design raises new challenges for software support environments.

Keywords: Architectural Style, Software Architecture.  
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