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      AUTHOR = {Garlan, David},
      TITLE = {Style-Based Refinement for Software Architecture},
      YEAR = {1996},
      MONTH = {October},
      BOOKTITLE = {Joint Proceedings of the Second International Software Architecture Workshop (ISAW2) and the International Workshop on Multiple Perspectives in Software Development (Viewpoints '96)},
      KEY = {Garlan},
      ADDRESS = {San Francisco, CA},
      PUBLISHER = {ACM Press},
      PDF = {http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project/able/ftp/refinement-isaw2/refinement-isaw2.pdf},
      ABSTRACT = {A question that frequently arises for architectural design is 'When can I implement a design in style S1 using a design in style S2?' In this paper I propose a technique for structuring a solution to this kind of problem using the idea of substyles. This technique leads to a two-step process in which first, useful subsets of a family of architectures are identified, and second, refinement rules specific to these subsets are established. I will argue that this technique, in combination with an unconventional interpretation of refinement, clarifies how engineers actually carry out architectural refinement and provides a formal framework for establishing the correctness of those methods.}
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