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<< 2018 >> TOP
Ivan Ruchkin, Joshua Sunshine, Grant Iraci, Bradley Schmerl and David Garlan. Appendix for IPL: An Integration Property Language for Multi-Model Cyber-Physical Systems. 2018. Paper Reference.
<< 2010 >> TOP
Vishal Dwivedi, David Garlan and Bradley Schmerl. End User Orchestrations. 2010. Submitted for publication.
<< 2007 >> TOP
Chris Pride. Extending Aura with an Augmented Reality Interface. Undergraduate Thesis, 2007.
<< 2005 >> TOP
Shang-Wen Cheng, Robert Nord and Judith Stafford. WICSA Wiki WAN Party: capturing experience in software architecture best practices. ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering Notes, Volume 30, Number 1, January 2005.
<< 2002 >> TOP
Paul Clements, Felix Bachmann, David Garlan, Reed Little, Robert Nord and Judith Stafford. A Practical Method for Documenting Software Architectures. 2002.
<< 1994 >> TOP
David Garlan and Dewayne Perry. Software Architecture: Practice, Potential, and Pitfalls Panel Introduction. Panel Introduction in Proceedings of the Sixteenth International Conference on Software Engineering, May 1994.