Plugins to AcmeStudio

Plugins created at CMU:

General Purpose Plugins (Provided by the AcmeStudio Extras Feature)

  • Automatic Layout using the yfiles layout product. See Help>Getting Started/Editors/System Editor help pages for more info. (Note: the plugin is self-contained and does not require a separate license to use.)
  • Windows diagram cut and paste. Allows you to copy the system diagram to the clipboard (using Edit>Copy System Image) to paste directly into applications like Word or Powerpoint. (Works only on Windows, other platforms can use File>Export to Image.)
  • Targeted error reporting. Finds the sources of errors in rules, and embellishes the design rules and diagrams with these errors. For example, in the rule forall p : port in self.ports | declaresType (p, FooT), this plugin will add an annotation to each port not declaring FooT, and add a node to the rule in the rule list indicating which ports cause the rule to fail. This plugin should be treated as experimental. In most cases, it will give meaningful results.

    These plugins are available through the AcmeStudio update site; you need to install them by going to Help>Software Updates.../Find and Install/Search for new updates....

Analysis Plugins

Plugins created at other institutions:

  • (none listed so far)

Please email the acme team to have your plugin listed on this page.